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"Learning without thought is labor lost; thought without learning is perilous." -- Confucius (tr. James Legge)

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I don't have the time to create blog entries daily,  and prefer to develop information-rich entries over longer periods of time.  

Land o' Lard
How regional differences in obesity rates are explained by the racial and ethnic composition of the population. 

Fascism: The Ultimate Definition
A concise definition of the term, based on the best recent scholarship on the subject.  

James Madison and the Ablative Absolute
How James Madison intentionally used the ablative absolute to clarify that the Second Amendment states an individual right.

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World War II Stuff


Germany Surrenders Unconditionally (May 4 - May 8, 1945)


The United States Strategic Bombing Survey Summary Report
(European War)

The United States Strategic Bombing Survey Summary Report
(Pacific War)

How the United States Strategic Bombing Survey reports endorsed the use of the atomic bombs

The F Scale
Sixty years ago, the Authoritarian Personality studies attempted to "construct an instrument that would yield an estimate of fascist receptivity at the personality level." This online, interactive F Scale presents that instrument in its final form. So take the F Scale now --- or else! And if you score 4.5 or higher, check out The Fascist Virtues.

Fascism: The Ultimate Definition
Some time ago, wearied by the glut of silly articles, books, and people describing this or that country, person or thing as "Fascist" , I thought that persons of discernment could profit from a concise definition of the term, based on the best recent scholarship on the subject.  So here it is, and much good to you.  

Chuck's celebrated travelogue
The Escape Route of Martin Bormann, May 1-2, 1945.
Retrace the steps of Martin Bormann from the ruins of the Fuehrerbunker to his doomsite at the Invalidienstrasse bridge. Lavishly illustrated with photos, sounds, and animated map. For those upon whom subtlety is lost, this is NOT a tribute to Martin Bormann.

Problems of Organizational Leadership
Get the inside scoop on how to resolve your organizational leadership problems from a real pro, Uncle Joe! Remarks of Joseph Stalin to the 17th Congress of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union, 1934.

General History

Provisional Regulations for Saber Exercise
(United States Army, 1907)

Titanic Disaster: Official Casualty Figures with commentary on sex, age, and class variations. 

Titanic Disaster: Full Text of Safety Recommendations
regarding watertight compartmenting, lifeboats, drills, navigation in the vicinity of ice, wireless, etc.

"Racial" Map of Europe, 1919
Really an Ethnic map of Europe, showing distribution of scores of inane ridiculous ethnic groups after the end of World War I. 

Images illustrating John Bunyan's celebrated work The Pilgrim's Progress
A selection of morally improving images.

Portland, Michigan Historical Resources
Featuring the 1969 Centennial Book and an exciting online version of the Map of 1881

Issac Weld's Travels Through the States of North America, and the Provinces of Upper and Lower Canada, During the Years 1795, 1796, and 1797
Not quite de Tocqueville, but an excellent and unjustly neglected travelogue.

The Two Americas, Four Years On
Chuck's transcript of remarks by Presidential Candidate John Edwards to the League of Women Voters Convention in Des Moines, Iowa, December 28, 2007.

The G Scale
Are you a glue addict? Take the G Scale and find out.

Anesi's Book of Unfamiliar Quotations
from Angling to Women, hitting on, in odd places.

Automatic Press Release Generator

Why wait for tomorrow's news when you can have TOMORROW'S NEWS TODAY!

The Suprasternal Notch
The first site on the web devoted to the suppression of this most recherché obsession

Your site for MEAT RAFFLE stuff.

Celebrity Symbols Catalog

Chuck's Favorite Sound Bites
Last updated about 8 years ago, but interesting nonetheless

The Lodge of Shingebiss (Chuck's Obsolete Blog)

Miscellaneous Rants

The Name Effect
How U.S. presidential elections are decided by the names of the candidates.
Accidental Death -- do you know the risks?
Probably not, but your odds of dying in an accident are very low anyway,
so who cares?.

The Poisson Pit
A simple Poisson probability calculator using JavaScript.
The "Asterick" Pit
Where did this "Asterick" word come from, anyway?

Y2K Post Mortem Frequently Asked Questions



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